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Vaishno Devi nivalohit

Maa Vaishnodevi means ‘Mother Nature’ and she fulfills every wish of her devotees, who worship her with deep faith and devotion. Even today, thousands of years after she has been worshipped, we still see the influence of this goddess. Here’s a short history of Maa Vaishnodevi that you might find interesting… What is the history of Maa Vaishnodevi

The name

The Sanskrit word ma means mother, and Vaishno refers to a particular devotee of God. Similarly, Devi refers to goddess or wife. What is the history of Maa Vaishnodevi

The origin

According to one origin story, when Sati’s body was split into 51 pieces after her immolation, these pieces fell across different parts of India. Local people started worshipping these spots as Shakti Peethas and a few more sprang up over time. Another story suggests that Shiva himself came down to earth and took various forms, while Parvati remained in her abode on Mount Kailash. These idols are believed to be their manifestations.

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What is the history of Maa Vaishnodevi
Maa Vaishnodevi

The legend

Sheshnaag, a most poisonous snake with seven heads, was living in a cave near Manali. The king of Kullu (in Himachal Pradesh) asked his most courageous son to kill it as he was very much disturbed by its presence. But no body could dare to go near it.

How to worship her

Decide what you want from your life and it will come. You have to go to Tirupati at least once in your lifetime. Buy a big rupee coin or any silver rupee coins. Put those rupees into water for 3 days, then take them out and keep them under sunlight in your puja room/prayer room with a photo of Ma Shri Varshney with Saraswati on her left side and Ganesh on her right side near Lord Krishna’s photo.

The benefits of worshipping her

Worshipping her will remove all kind of difficulties in life. For ex: If you have a great desire to learn and want to become an expert in your field then if you worship her, she fulfills your wishes. She fulfill all our wishes but it’s important that we should pray and believe in her only then we can achieve success.

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The significance of worshipping her on Saturdays

Devi Mahatmyam – Ch 1 (Srimad Devi Bhagavatam) ।। 8.70-77 ।। When Sati, who was earlier called as Parvati, fell in love with Shiva and insisted on marrying him and left her father’s home along with her friends to join Lord Shiva. Uma’s father, Daksha Prajapati performed a huge yagna. Invited all gods and their wives but not Lord Shiva.

You must visit this holy place, it fulfills every wish.


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