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Who determines what we think? The short answer to this question is us, but the question remains how our minds are influenced by others, whether it’s the people around us or the news media or government leaders or religious figures. It’s easy to get lost in speculation about who brainwashes us, but when it comes down to it, we make these decisions ourselves and can decide to refuse suggestions made by others if we so choose. The key, then, isn’t figuring out who influences our thoughts; it’s determining that we have control over them in the first place. The Battle of Minds: Who Determines What We Think?

Observing Your Thoughts

Most people think they have an inner monologue going on with themselves, but are simply observing their thoughts. In other words, they watch their thoughts in the same way that a bird watcher observes birds without trying to capture them. There is an observer and a thinker. This is why some forms of meditation say you should become the observer and allow your thoughts to come and go, just as waves in the ocean come and go. The Battle of Minds: Who Determines What We Think?

The Battle of Minds: Who Determines What We Think?
The Battle of Minds: Who Determines What We Think?

Removing Distractions

One way to reduce the amount of distractions in your life is to take a break and focus on one thing at a time. In order to have successful productivity, it’s important to have a balance between work and relaxation time. When you are constantly filling up your day with new tasks and obligations, you won’t be able to properly process what you’re working on.

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Challenge Your Thoughts

This question often arises when you’re faced with a difficult decision and you don’t know what to do. But who decides our thoughts, whether or not we are awake, lucid, or unconscious? You might think it’s your subconscious mind, but science has shown us that both the conscious and subconscious mind have different roles in governing your thoughts. However there is an element of mystery here as we can’t really say exactly what creates certain thoughts.

Rational vs. Emotional Thought

Rational thought tends to be based on logic, reason, and empirical data. Emotional thought is more subjective; influenced by personal experience and/or feelings. When our thoughts are created from a balanced synthesis of both rational and emotional thought processes, we are in the optimal space for creativity. When one outweighs the other, it can lead to distorted or skewed thinking.

Changing Your Thinking Habits

In terms of how we think, it is difficult to change our habit because changing a habit takes a lot of effort and discipline. But sometimes our habits keep us from seeing what is best for us in the long run. Changing your thinking can be as simple as making one mental switch. Here are three tactics that you can start using today!

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-Changing your vocabulary -What if? questions -Spending time with others who have mindsets that differ from yours


Is the way we think and make decisions determined by our environment or genetics? The truth is that the exact combination of factors is different for everyone. For example, environmental factors like parenting style, school atmosphere, culture, socioeconomic status, etc. can all affect how a person’s mind develops. On the other hand, certain predispositions can also be in play as well. Some psychologists believe that personality traits like introversion vs extroversion are genetic traits.

The Battle of Minds: Who Determines What We Think?
The Battle of Minds: Who Determines What We Think?

What is the battle of mind?

Often times in the course of our lives, we have seen people who have seemed as if they are not in control of their minds. They often make decisions that seem irrational to others and appear as if they lack conviction. The battle for one’s mind can be a long and arduous process that is waged between what is right and what feels good.

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What does the Bible says about mindset?

A mindset is a collection of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that influences how we view ourselves, others, and the world. The Bible also says that everything that we think starts in our minds. As he thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7 (NIV) In other words, our thinking reveals our heart. All people are the work of your hands. Psalm 100:3 (NIV) In another word, what’s on our mind is on God’s mind.

What does the Bible say about the mind and heart?

There are many discussions and debates surrounding this question. A key passage that comes to mind is Romans 12:2. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

How can I win my mind?

It’s time to take control. If we never confront the negative thinking, then how can we progress towards a better life? Here are three powerful techniques for taking control of your mind and thoughts.

– Pay attention to the negative messages you hear in your head. Turn them around.

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