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When you listen to your gut, you don’t actually have to do anything to make the decision. Instead, your mind has already made it on its own, but it just hasn’t told you yet what it has decided. There are several different theories as to why this might be—in some cases, we don’t want to go ahead with the decision because we’re afraid of failure or some other reason—but however the process works, it can be incredibly helpful when making decisions that are less than clear-cut. A Mind of His Own: Why We Should All Trust Our Intuition

The Science Behind Instincts

Modern neuroscience is starting to find that humans are actually born with knowledge ingrained in our DNA. This knowledge is what gives us instincts; the better we listen to them, the more readily our minds are able to come up with a decision. In fact, it’s been found that if we try to un-listen to our intuition, our chances of making a bad decision increase dramatically A Mind of His Own: Why We Should All Trust Our Intuition

A Mind of His Own: Why We Should All Trust Our Intuition
A Mind of His Own: Why We Should All Trust Our Intuition

Learn How to Listen

Listening to your intuition is like making yourself a better version of you. Not only are you more confident, but you are also more empathetic. Listening to your intuition will enable you to be someone that people really want to be around. In order for your intuition to have the best influence on you, it needs to be nurtured by staying aware and being patient enough to hear what’s being communicated to us.

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Tips to Cultivate Intuition

Intuition is the voice in your head that tells you to do things before you even realize it. It can be hard to notice at first, but intuition is powerful and has been shown to help improve success rates when dealing with everything from athletic performance to business decisions. To get in touch with your intuition, try experimenting with these tips to cultivate it:

 1) Stop analyzing for a second and simply pay attention to your thoughts; what do you feel like doing?

Become More Flexible

Studies show that when we make a decision with both the mind and the heart, our intuition guides us in the right direction. It is imperative to tap into this source of knowledge when making life-changing decisions or difficult choices.

Intuition has saved many people from dangerous or unhealthy situations. Trusting your gut can also help you be more flexible in other aspects of your life; for example, instead of staying closed off from an idea just because it’s not perfect, think about what is good about it.

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Beware of Too Much Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis is the condition in which a person takes so much time deliberating over decisions that they are unable to make any changes. This can happen in different contexts and for many reasons, but for entrepreneurs it may be about being paralyzed by risk. They might be analyzing too many external factors like market size or competition, and forgetting to look internally at what their goals are.

A Mind of His Own: Why We Should All Trust Our Intuition
A Mind of His Own: Why We Should All Trust Our Intuition


The mind is an amazing, powerful thing. It’s able to take things we see, hear, or experience and make its own decision about them. And sometimes it does this so quickly that we don’t even realize our thoughts have changed. And in some cases, it does it so subtly that the way our thoughts are affected can’t be easily recognized.


Intuition is essentially the closest you can get to knowing something without having a reason for why you know it. It’s the act of trusting what your gut tells you, without trying to rationalize or explain it.

Why you should always trust your intuition?

If you don’t trust your intuition, chances are that your intuition doesn’t trust you. That’s because intuition is our inner wisdom and often sends messages to warn us about something before it happens. It’s always a good idea to listen when we have an intuitive feeling about something–it may be trying to tell us something important that we otherwise might not know. By trusting what the universe tells us, we are following our true spiritual path.

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What does it mean to trust your own intuition?

When we have an idea in our head, but aren’t sure if it’s the right one, it can be tough to let go. Not knowing the answer makes us hesitant and sometimes afraid to take risks. But these fears can lead us to make impulsive decisions that don’t ultimately do what we want them to do- and that may only produce unfavorable results.

Should you trust your gut feeling about a guy?

It can be difficult to tell if a guy is right for you without deep analysis. Everyone feels good when they are around him, but you need to make sure that feeling carries with you too. Use your intuition as an indicator and trust your instincts more than anything else when choosing who you want to date.

A Mind of His Own: Why We Should All Trust Our Intuition
A Mind of His Own: Why We Should All Trust Our Intuition

Why is your intuition important?

The ability to make decisions without having all the information, to trust your intuition and instinct, is a priceless skill. This is because you are often in the best position to know what is best for you than anyone else. For instance, if a parent sees that their child is struggling with something, it makes sense for them to ask their child what they think about the issue rather than make the decision for them.

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